Who am i ??

Hey! My name is Michael, 25 years and from Norway. I been doing MuayThai AkA Thai Boxing AkA The art of 8 limbs, ever since i was 16 years old. I moved to thailand for about 8 months for the first time on the day i turned 18 to pursue my dreams in the country the sport i love so much came from, "The land of champions" Thailand. Its been my dream ever since i was a kid, watching JCV`s "kickboxer", The Rocky movies and even Ninja turtles and Dragon ball just to name a few of many lol! What can i say ? I always wanted to be a badass ninja warrior for justice and peace ! haha.

Anyway Now Thailand is like my second home and i been living there for about 3 years all together, training with some of the biggest names in the the fight sport and in september after my surgery i will be heading back for a comeback fight.
I seriously injured my shoulder in the middle of a fight back in 2013 and had to hang up my gloves for the time being, but as im gonna have surgery now in june and fix my shoulder for good, im looking to make a major comeback and take the world by storm and starting already now on the long road back to being fit for fighting, and i want you to join my journey.

I will update this blog day by day with everything from training videos, training routines, fighter nutrition, what i eat in and out of competition, random radness (lol), things i enjoy doing when im not training or fighting, tips and tricks and generally just take you with me on my journey, working my way towards my goal, from the bottom, back to the top.
I hope that you want to join me on my journey and follow my blog!




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10.01.2017 kl.21:01

Så moro! Det er viktig å følge drømmen sin! Lykke til videre med både sporten og operasjonen!


10.01.2017 kl.21:24

Takk Elin :) Ja livet er for kort til ikke å følge drømmene sine !

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25, Klepp

Hei! Mitt navn er Michael, 25 år å driver med Thai boxing på proff nivå, elsker sport (basketball spesielt) liker og å lese mangas å spille xbox å er i grunnen bare en laidback å chill fyr :)